Dublin Juvenile Track & Field Championships – Day 5 – Tallaght – Saturday the 17th of June

Registration: (members in eligible ages and groups will have received an email from skerriesacracesecretary@gmail.com to the email address that was used to register their athlete -> https://membership.athleticsireland.ie/ Just reply to that email to enter your athlete. The email is sent at least a week in advance of the event )

Day 1 – Tallaght – Sunday 28th May – Online entries are open and close on Monday 22nd of May.

Day 2 – DSD Track – Friday the 9tth of June

Day 3 DSD Track – Saturday the 10th of June

Day 4 DSD Track – Sunday the 11th of June

Even Age Relays – Lucan Track – Wednesday the 14th of June

Uneven Age Relays – Lucan Track – Friday 16th of June

Day 5 – Tallaght – Saturday the 17th of June