Dublin XC Juvenile League 3

Tymon Park – Sunday 4th December 2016

Details for this Sunday’s Race as Follows (including links to route to start, and course maps). Please arrive at course at least 90mins before the start of your race, to allow time to obtain numbers, walk the course, and warm up. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact your coach.

Event Schedule



Event Distance Start Time
U9 Girls 600m 11.00am
U9 Boys 600m 11.06am
U10 Girls 800m 11.12am
U10 Boys 800m 11.20am
U11 Girls 1000m 11.28am
U11 Boys 1000m 11.36am
U12 Girls 1000m 11.44am
U12 Boys 1000m 11.52pm
U13 Girls 1500m 12.00noon
U13 Boys 1500m 12.10pm
U14 Girls 1500m 12.20pm
U14 Boys 1500m 12.30pm
U15 Girls 2000m 12.40pm
U15/16 Boys 2000m 12.52pm
U16/U17/18/19/Jnr Girls 2000m 1.04pm
U17 Boys 3000m 1.16pm
U18 & Jnr U19/20 Boys 4000m 1.34pm
Intermediate  Ladies 5000m 2.00pm
Intermediate  Men 8000m 2.25pm


If time permits the U16 boys will be run as a separate contest