Dublin Juvenile Indoor Championships 2023 – Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th February – Abbotstown

Location: National Indoor Arena, Abbotstown, Dublin https://goo.gl/maps/d5XLPp4A6pejxEbA7

ALL Athletes MUST be registered with AI and have a current AI registration number. No late entries will be accepted after the closing dates.

All ages below are in the “Under” format. It depends on the age the athlete turns in the membership year, they will then run in the age group up – so for example a child turning 9 this year will be running under 10, a child turning 10 this year is U/11, turning 12 is U/13 etc.

Closing date for Skerries A.C. members is one day earlier than listed below (to facilitate Skerries A.C. contacting Dublin Athletics Board) at 1pm.

Arrive at least 90 minutes before your event (parking may be busy, then time to wait at the rendezvous point to be passed to a coach for warm-ups)

DAY 4 – 25th Feb

The following race times are approximate and subject to change:

Athletes who competed on Sunday the 12th of February and who are competing again in individual events on DAY 4 MUST bring their BIB number (ifit cannot be found, create a new one using the bib number on live.dublinathletics.com).

DAY 5 – 25th Feb

The following race times are approximate and subject to change:

Clubs with more than 1 team in any age group MUST provide sticky labels with A, B, C to each athlete to place on their vests.

Club Singlet’s or T-shirt must be worn.

Runners or Spikes (max 5mm spikes)

Programme event order subject to change, to facilitate smooth running of competition. All times are approximate.

  • When you arrive… just walk over to the Skerries flag (at the Skerries AC RENDEZVOUS point detailed in the WhatsApp Skerries AC group (details will be in an e-mail)

Athletes U14 upwards must use starting blocks. Only starting blocks provided by the organising committee may be used. Starting blocks are optional for U12 and U13

Starters Instructions for relay teams:

  • First leg runners stay in lanes the whole way round. The race starts on the white line marked 4x200m.
  • Second leg runner stands in their lane and in their exchange zone, forward of the first arrowed red line, for the start of the race. Second leg runners stay in your lane for one bend and one bend only and break inside to lane 1 when you pass the little cones near the high jump mat.
  • 3rd and 4th runner lines up outside lane 6.
  • 3rd and 4th runner will be called onto the track according to the team’s place in the race at that moment. You will be called by club or singlet colour. Listen carefully. Come onto the track immediately when called and stand forward of the red exchange zone line. There is a cone beside that line so you can see it. Break carefully to lane 1 when you get the baton
  • When you finish your leg, stand in your place until everyone has passed you and then leave the track quickly and carefully through the gate beside the finish line. Do not cross the finish line or stand on the infield.

Bring snacks ( it might be a long day )

Full Rules:

The Race Secretary will enter athletes into the events. Want to see who else is entered into the events? Then use this URL: https://entry.athleticsireland.ie/

Entry lists for Day 4 & 5 ) are available on live.dublinathletics.com.


Dublin Juvenile Indoor Championships 2023 – Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th February – Abbotstown
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Dublin Juvenile Indoor Championships 2023 – Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th February – Abbotstown