Juvenile Indoor Championships – Athlone – 25th March and 1st and 2nd April 2023

Location: TUS, Athlone

123.ie National Juvenile Indoor Championships
  • TUS International Arena, Athlone
  • March 25th, April 1st, April 2nd
  • Timetable: March 25th HERE / April 1st HERE / April 2nd HERE
  • Spectator Tickets HERE (U16s go free and do not require a ticket)

List of Regulations: Indoors

  1. No entries or change of entries will be accepted on the day of the Championship.
    Individual Track & Field Championships for Boys and Girls ages 12-19.
  2. Club Singlets and single colour shorts must be worn. (See Attire in Section 1 Policies)
  3. The first four (4) from each region qualify for the National Championships, except in
    the 600m where three (3) qualify. No substitutions will be allowed.
  4. Direct Entry: Athletes aged 17, 18 and 19 may compete in the National
    Championships provided they have entered those events in the Provincial/Regional
    Championships, entries through the Regional Secretaries by closing date
  5. An athlete may compete in three individual events plus the relay
  6. Athletes are confined to their own age group (except for relays, see Relay Rules)
  7. All entries must come through the Regional Secretary, a copy of the Regional results
    must be sent to the AAI office.
  8. Check In Rules:
  • Each athlete must collect their own number and check-in for their event.
  • All athletes must collect a competition number and check in for each event on
    that day, if competing across both days of a weekend or qualifying for a final on
    day 2 you must re-register for that event. The same bib number will be kept for
    day 2.
  • All athletes must check in a minimum of one (1) hour prior to their track event
  • Call room will be in operation for track events
  • Personal Equipment: Implements must be checked in a minimum of 90
    minutes prior to the start time of each event.
  1. Warm Up Area Rules:
  • Area is restricted for athletes only, cordoned off area for coaches.
  • No spectators, no bags or gear to be left in the area.
  • Please respect other athletes especially when using equipment ie Hurdles.
    10.Call Room Rules:
  • Track athletes report to call room immediately their event is called. Field
    athletes to report directly to their event when called.
  • Athletes are not permitted to carry or use electronic recording or transmission
    equipment (e.g: earphones, notebooks, tablets, iPods, smart phones etc.) in
    the competition area.
    NOTE: The competition area starts at the assembly/call room.
  • No spectators, no bags or gear to be left in the area
    11.ONLY 5mm spikes may be used– this includes the High Jump. WA rules apply for
    12.High Jump; a ticket will be presented to one coach/spectator for each athlete to
    allow them to access the area adjacent to the track at the high jump area.
    13.Athletes U14 upwards must use starting blocks. Only starting blocks provided by
    the organising committee may be used. Starting blocks are optional for U12 and
    U13, but a crouch start must be used instead. The commands for all sprints are “on

your marks” and “set”
14.False Starts

  • WA False Start Rules apply.
  • U16 upwards – first false start leads to disqualification.
  • U12, 13, 14, 15. One false start and all are on warning of next false start
    leading to disqualification.
  • Combined Events all age categories, one false start and all are on warning of
    next false start leading to disqualification.

Full Details: https://www.athleticsireland.ie/downloads/other/Master_Copy_Juvenile_Competition_Booklet_2023_Updated_13-02-2023.pdf