Dublin T & F Championships Day 2

5th June 2016 – Tallaght


Well off I set with John Lawlor, Hugh + Lottie and a lovely car journey it was too. Smooth journey on the M50 and I was surprised when pulling down the window it was a windee down and not electric, cheered me up no end!

It’s the little things isn’t it!

Weather report you ask – one word – glorious!

Now forgive me if I don’t get everyone’s individual performances but it’s safe to say a couple of things were learnt at the end of the day.

1)      Great to see so many athletes putting on a Skerries Vest, all did the club proud

2)      Enjoy, racing is about having fun!

Who did what?  Well my competitors were as follows:

Daphney, Daisy, Ellie, Lorcan, Phillip, Mark, Ben, Josh, Hugh, Conall, Ella, Naomi, Lottie, Ruby, Kerrie and Stephen.

They ran sprints and long distance, all ran well and some even made the finals in Tullamore.

Two lads get a special mention.


Conall who literally left everything out on the track, first 800m and I know he will never forget it! Some achievement Conall! Thanks to Conall’s Dad for getting him thru post-race too.

And to Stephen O’Connor who had to hang around the longest for his 3000 metres, finishing 4th to qualify for the Nationals in Tullamore.

Thanks to Tallaght AC, to the parents (the easy bit – cheering), the kids (hard bit – racing) and thanks also to John Lawlor who volunteered to rake the sand pit. Lovely straight lines and no sand castles!

Coach Greg