Dublin T&F League 4 – Report

Tallaght – 28th May 2017

As usual with Tallaght, the Juvenile League 4 started sharply at 10.30am with the weather a lot better than yesterday. U/14 were first to race the 200m to time with Orlagh coming 5th and Eimear 4th in their heats. Meanwhile over at the pit, the only Skerries AC athlete participating in a field event, Chloe was doing practice jumps for the U/12 long jump. There was fierce competition in this event and Chloe did us proud.
Next off the marks were the U/15 boys 200m. These heats were extremely fast with Josh coming 5th and Ben 4th in their respective heats.
When the gun went for the U/10 girls 200m, Keren ran like her life depended on it, and unfortunately was just pipped at the post for 1st position. There were a lot of athletes for the U/12 girls 200m resulting in 5 heats. Grace came in 7th position, Chloe 4th and Keva 3rd in their respective heats all finishing strongly. Again, the U/13 200m girls heats were very fast. Daphney ran a strong race coming in 2nd.
12 noon brought with it the beginning of the 1,000m races. Again the U/14 girls were first to take to the track. This was done in one large heat with 23 athletes participating. Orlagh and Eimear stayed near the back of the pack at the beginning with Orlagh getting into her stride and steadily made her way up finishing 10th. Half way through the race, Eimear got boxed in, which she wasn’t impressed with! She broke out and for the next 250m the 3 athletes battled to beat one another. True to form with Eimear, there was some fuel left in tank and she managed to sprint the final 100m taking 19th place.
Last up was Ben in the U/15 1,000m in a tough race in what was becoming a very warm day. He put in a tremendous effort and was rewarded with fifth place.
Congratulations to all the athletes, hope you made home before the roads closed for the RAS.
Thanks to Fiona for organising and registering the athletes today, her report on the day and photos.