IMPORTANT NOTICE – DublinT&F Championships 2016

The attached documents provide details of the Dublin Track & Field Championships 2016.

Firstly the events your child has been entered for

Dublin Championships – 2016 – Skerries AC – Schedule (2)

The following provide timetables for the various days. It is important to be at the venue at least an hour prior to the scheduled time for your child’s event. Please note the timetables are subject to change to facilitate the smooth running of the championships.

Day 1 – Dublin Championships 500 600 800 – 3rd June 2016 – Santry

Day 2 Tallaght Sunday 5th June 2016 Track Order of events v2

Day 3 v2 Uneven age Relay, 1500m, Pole Vault & Boys Hammer programme Dublin Championships 2016

Day 4 v2 Irishtown 11th June 2016





Dublin T&F League 4 (21st May 2016)

Another Great Day of Athletics At The Morton Stadium, Santry

Update from Sebastian

It was a great day for the astro group athletes taking part in the events
and the organisation of the meeting was “spot-on”!
We were represented in the Sprints by:
Lily, Isabella, Samuel, Shane og, Andre, Darragh and Dylan.
In Long distance by:
Lily at the 400m and Shane og, Samuel and André took part on the 300m
Great to see Skerries AC represented in Field Events
Long Jump:
Isabella, Lilly, Darragh, Andre, Samuel, Shane og, Dylan
Turbo Javelin:
Andre, Samuel, Shane og.

News From Greg


League 4 at Santry so I picked up me pal Altan (new spikes – thank-you Breen) and off we went. 11am meet as the hurdles were at 10.30 and none of me troops wanted to try them out. Especially Breen who replied when I asked him “Greg I’m a sprint man none of that hurdles lark for me!” A young man who knows his strengths and weaknesses! Wish I was 14 again!

Registration and I got meself me stickers. Slight panic as Marie and her girls were not here?  Panic over as Keva came down to me and all three were up in the stands. Marie is Skerries AC No1 fan and she takes a mean picture!  (see attached)

The weather you ask, well started off sunny and showers throughout the day. Quite warm in the stands for a change.

Sprints first. Nicole and Keva, great pals’ great sprinters. Speedy with great times. 60 metres went in a flash!

Daphney up next, little further 80 metres. Walked her down to start, quick pep talk and she was at the line! Boom! made the final no bother!

The U14 sprints came up really quickly and nearly forgot about Naomi! She went to the start on her own and used the blocks. Well impressed! Great run too.

Ben next (who showed me how to set up his blocks!) he flew out of them and finished well. I see him as a sprinter, powerful, good action, but you are not getting out of the Ardgillan runs Ben! Thanks Mr Ben for taking photo’s (see attached).

Long Distance

Keva, get your 3 Euro worth says me, so she ran in the 400m and Daphney in the 500m both doubling up. Keva came in about 12th and Daphney came second – well done girls that’s value for money!

Lorcan, well to be honest I missed the long distances as I had to see a man about a dog but my co-coach John said “what a run” twice so it must have been good. Strolled in 1st and not a bead of sweat! Rio still a bit too early for him but Olympics maybe one day.

Altan came in 7th which was half decent too. This lad runs with a smile on his face. He lit up the track on Saturday both in his 80 metres and long distance. Look after them spikes sir!

Hugh and Ben ran well, not put off by running with the girl U16’s and in atrocious conditions, yes the heavens did open!

Lastly thanks to all the kids (they do the hard bit) the mum’s and dad’s (the easy bit- the cheering) and fellow coaches Sébastien (photos too), Ide, Martina, John and all officials at Santry who give their time for the love of the sport.

 We all love the sport too!

 Coach Greg



Recovery is without a doubt the most important part of training. When we run, we tear muscle fibres in our body so it is therefore EXTREMELY important to have a recovery snack 20-30 minutes directly after exercise, this is called the ‘Window of Opportunity’ and if we miss that window, our body will take longer to recover.
For this snack try to include a protein source and a complex carbohydrate source.
Here are a few ideas of a snack directly after training :
1. A super smoothie- 1 scoop whey protein, 1 banana, 1 yoghurt, 1 tbsp of peanut butter, a handful of raspberries and a few drops of water, blend and enjoy!
2. Greek yoghurt, some homemade granola and berries.
3. A banana topped with peanut butter.
4. Scrambled egg on wholewheat toast.
Izzy Carron



Clonliffe Harriers Juvenile Open Sports

15th May 2016

Our younger athletes were blessed with glorious weather for their latest trip to the Morton Stadium for the inaugural Clonliffe Harriers Juvenile Open Sports event. All our athletes performed superbly, with plenty of medals coming home to Skerries. The club always performs well on the track, but it has been great this season to see athletes trying some of the field events. We have seen success in the Turbo Javelin in the Leagues, and on Sunday in the Long Jump. Thanks to all the coaches who were there to assist the athletes on the day, the parents for their support, our friends at Clonliffe for putting on such a great event, and obviously our athletes for their outstanding performances.

Izzy’s Best Breakfast

The best breakfast for runners? In my opinion it’s definitely porridge! With the high fibre content, the slow releasing carbohydrates and the full feeling it gives you, makes it a real winner before any day of training!!

Here are 5 ways to jazz up your porridge for the training day ahead:

1.Carrot cake porridge: add grated carrot and cook on the hob for 3 mins. Top with walnuts,pecans,cinnamon,nutmeg and Greek yoghurt to finish.

2.Zoats: a great way to sneak more green veg into your day, add grated courgette(zucchini) to your porridge (I promise you can’t taste it). Cook on the hob for 3 mins. Finish with a drizzle of honey.

3.Anti-oxidant booster:blueberries,rasberries,strawberries and pomegranate. Helps get rid of any nasty colds and flus.

4.Choco-loco: add 1 tsp of organic cocoa powder and a vanilla pod to your porridge. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!

5.The American way:Add a tablespoon of peanut and jelly (organic jam) to your porridge after it is cooked. It’s a classic combo.

Izzy Carron


Dublin Graded Meeting 2


11th May 2016

It was the turn of some of our older athletes to blow the dust off their spikes and race at the Tallaght Track in the 2nd Dublin Graded Meet.  Quite a heavy, still evening, with a few light showers, our athletes rushing home from school/college/work to be there, some forgetting vests in all the excitement.

Orla T set the scene with a very respectable 32.04 in the 200m, a new event for her (and yes we must do some training on the use of starting blocks).

Next on the line was Orla B in the 1500m. Orla took it out from the start, looked strong all the way and set a new pb of 5.03 coming 2nd (off the back of a tough week of exams at college).

Next a battle in the 1500m between Stephen and Keith (along with a few others). Keith (first time at this distance and still getting over the Manchester Marathon) ran a brave and lonely race finishing in a very respectable 4.45, but was just pipped at the post by Stephen, who came 3rd with a time of 4.43.

Finally Conor, who also ran 1500m, with no Skerries team mates to keep him company (although we were all cheering from the sidelines). Conor made it look easy winning the race in 4.29.

I’m sure there’s a lot more to come from these athletes as the season progresses. Thanks to Malachy for the chocolate for the journey home (still not sure about an athletic club consuming so much chocolate). All in all, a great evening.

Greg’s Blog From Tallaght

Dublin T&F League 3 (8th May 2016)

Well folks it was league 3 at Tallaght and though the day started a bit misty (on the road by 8.30!) it later turned into a sunny day with loads of sunny performances.

Now me and my eight athletes sussed out their track (wish we had a track!) by a quick run round and then it was stickers on shirt time as the start was vast approaching.

Tallaght AC were great as they put on both track and field throughout the day , so it didn’t matter where you looked there was something going on! And they kept to time.

First up U14 400 metres and a reluctant Naomi , pep talk from me and she was ready. Don’t worry about the starting blocks said I you will be shown how to use them. She was and to be fair to Tallaght AC they assisted all sprinters that needed help.

So Naomi was a bit nervous (no smile) the gun went , home 7th (big smile) and I said you will enjoy and she did it. Well had no choice mum was there!

Josh , now there’s a man fired up before the off! Sizing the opposition up early doors , signals to his mum lane one and comes in 2nd! Top sprinting Josh!

Keva Nicole and Lauren up next. 600 metres for them (oh how I’d love a track in Skerries) , all ran well and gave it there all. Then all three rushed over to the turbo javelin and heh why not , get your 3 euros worth says me!

Daphney had not said a lot up to this point , she was in de zone and boy was she! Led from the start only to be pipped down the home straight. A strong run and a second for team Skerries. Mum was delighted!

Cillian then had made a quick dash from the infield from his turbo javelin (boy done good) over to the start of 600m. Came in 10th which was no mean feat as it was a big field. Bit of an all rounder our Cillian!

Lorcan well I said to him 600m you could do that in your sleep. He didn’t let me down , led from the off only to be caught on the last bend from a lad who was strong and looked a quite bit older. 2nd place and Lorcs was steady , training paying off.

Last and by no means least me main man James Kenny. Wasn’t gonna miss him do his 1500 metres. Quite a way so I said to him pace yourself. Did exactly what it says on the tin slowly built up his pace and as each lap went by so did the athletes he was passing. Clever running JK and a 4th to boot!

Big thanks Tallaght AC keeping it to time , athletes for the hard bit , mum and dads for the easy bit (cheering) and hope to see you all track-side at Santry May 21st!

Coach Greg