A Mediterranean Diet

While holidaying in places like Italy, Spain and France, dishes such as pasta and pizza would be a popular choice yet during my time in Italy recently, I quickly discovered the Mediterranean type diet has so much more to offer. There are so much more healthier foods that are extremely fresh and wholesome.

The Italians love:
1.Grains such as quinoa (which is seen as a superfood now), faro, polenta, rice and cechi which is chickpea flour (nicer than it sounds).

2. Fresh fruit and vegetables: The fruit and vegetables in Italy generally tend to be freshly grown and then sold straight away before any harmful chemical sprays and toxins are added. The fruit and vegetables are bursting with flavour!!

3. Fresh fish: the fish here literally look as if they are still alive..just not moving. The eyes, scales and tails are still on and they are not processed in any way. They taste a lot fresher!

So next time you are in one of these countries, explore the different foods rather than sticking to the regular pasta and pizza!

Izzy Carron



Recovery is without a doubt the most important part of training. When we run, we tear muscle fibres in our body so it is therefore EXTREMELY important to have a recovery snack 20-30 minutes directly after exercise, this is called the ‘Window of Opportunity’ and if we miss that window, our body will take longer to recover.
For this snack try to include a protein source and a complex carbohydrate source.
Here are a few ideas of a snack directly after training :
1. A super smoothie- 1 scoop whey protein, 1 banana, 1 yoghurt, 1 tbsp of peanut butter, a handful of raspberries and a few drops of water, blend and enjoy!
2. Greek yoghurt, some homemade granola and berries.
3. A banana topped with peanut butter.
4. Scrambled egg on wholewheat toast.
Izzy Carron



Izzy’s Best Breakfast

The best breakfast for runners? In my opinion it’s definitely porridge! With the high fibre content, the slow releasing carbohydrates and the full feeling it gives you, makes it a real winner before any day of training!!

Here are 5 ways to jazz up your porridge for the training day ahead:

1.Carrot cake porridge: add grated carrot and cook on the hob for 3 mins. Top with walnuts,pecans,cinnamon,nutmeg and Greek yoghurt to finish.

2.Zoats: a great way to sneak more green veg into your day, add grated courgette(zucchini) to your porridge (I promise you can’t taste it). Cook on the hob for 3 mins. Finish with a drizzle of honey.

3.Anti-oxidant booster:blueberries,rasberries,strawberries and pomegranate. Helps get rid of any nasty colds and flus.

4.Choco-loco: add 1 tsp of organic cocoa powder and a vanilla pod to your porridge. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!

5.The American way:Add a tablespoon of peanut and jelly (organic jam) to your porridge after it is cooked. It’s a classic combo.

Izzy Carron